Sorry, but you got the wrong idea…

You should’ve thought with your head first! 
How could you trust your heart?
You’re acting Like fools do…
I knew this would happen from the start.
‘Love & Lust’
Guess you couldn’t tell them apart.
I told you not to fall for me.
I told you this from the start.

So you’re in love?
I won’t lie, 
I laughed when you first asked: 
“What happened to US?”
There is Me.
There is You.
I’m not saying I’m above you.
I’m just saying I’m above my emotions.
U are the only one in

I told you never to get used to me. 
I told you you’d never get Me.
I told you to give your love to a girl who wants all that…
I’m not even through,
But I bet you already wish 
You never knew me!

I take it loving someone 
Who doesn’t really love you back 
Must totally suck…
Becsuse, I can’t give you my mind &
I won’t give you my heart
You’re in too deep.

♥ Kamiz

I Can Never Be Her…


I can never be her…
I can never have the effect she has on you.
I can never get THAT look you give her,
Or have the satisfaction of making you smile like she would.

I don’t know her.
I’ve never seen how she looks
But I can tell how she looks
By the way you look at me…
I can tell that she’s tall,
With long black hair,
Smells like Chanel,
With light brown eyes, 
& skin that’s fair.

I know when you’re with me, 
You’re never really with me.
I can tell you’re thinking of a girl, 
Who might slightly resemble me.

I can see deep down inside,
You fear that you might lose 
the remaining pieces of her.
You’re so scared that you 
might eventually confuse me for her.
So you still stubbornly cling to the remains
& refrain from fully committing to me.

It ended too soon,
That’s why you’re still caught up on her. 
Wandering how things would be,
If you never broke up!

I hate how she has a hold on you…
How she can make you wish 
I was her when you hold me, 
& how you tell me you love me 
Then look away…

I can tell that .
She’s the one girl, 
Who you love more than me.
You seem to somehow forget,, 
How much I love you!

I don’t even consider her competition,
Here I am, 
Running a race… 
Knowing very well who’s gonna take first place!

I know… 
For her? 
You’d leave me lonely!
Just let me know 
If I’m standing in your way…

Truth is, 
I can never be her…
I’ll never change myself for an opportunity at love,
For something that Might happen, 
No certainty or guarantee..
I won’t fool myself 
By telling Me 
That you really wanna be with me
Right now.
I’m merely a mirage of the person you love.
The person that should’ve been me…
The person I Couldn’t be.
The person I refuse to be &
The person I’ll never be.

♥ Kamiz

None of You

I’m getting all the right attention,
From all the wrong ones.
& all the wrong attention, 
From all the right ones.
Wishing to be fulfilled,
Yet satisfied by none.

Hoping one day, 
Mr right will come!
I just want You, 
But with his personality.
I just want you.
But you won’t do . . .

♥ Kamiz

I’m Sorry. . .

I’m sorry…
But my vagina isn’t a garage where
You can parallel park your insecurities.

Nor is it a place where you can validate your manhood and make certain your masculinity.    

I see how your face changes, when you see a woman filled with half your DNA standing on her swollen, barely movable feet.

I hear you whispering “I’m the Pull Out King Baby, don’t you worry about a thing” bullshit in my ear.

I feel your errect penis on my ass while we’re spooning, and how you keep repositioning it, so that it can brush the lips of my womanhood, thinking that it’s ideal place to rest your morning wood.

You better exhale the thought that lingers in your head that our bodies are Toys or a Wonderland.


We are wonderful creatures who are beautifully made.

I already knew the first time we kissed, that you are not somebody who ever intended to stay. . .

So No,
I am not sorry,
But I will tell you this.
My Vagina Is Not A Garage Where You Can Park Your Penis In Between

♥ Kamiz

Heartbreak. . .

Sometimes means giving your heart a break.

Sometimes you don’t feel it, because your heart is on a break.

Loving, is something that is sometimes to much for it to take.

Something that someone can never fake.
Sometimes used as lust’s bait.

Can easily turn into a bitter taste.

Created by someone who you now love to hate.                         

Sometimes it doesn’t discriminate.

Occasionally arriving late.

Something destined in everyone’s fate.

♥ Kamiz