5:34 am

5:34 am
My body on yours 
You look me in the eyes
Like your captivated by my soul

You grab me!
Slowly lay me on my side
Then pull me closer to your chest
Like never before

Nothing but skin&ribs between our heartbeats 
Your arms so tight around me
One would swear you’d never let me go. . .
So Caught up in the moment
One would swear you own my soul.

While you breathing down my neck
& hardly moving
I’m deep in thought
With one thing on my mind 
“I hope we aren’t Spooning…”

It’s early in the morning
Yes, we called the Winter Sun
It’s never witnessed two souls 
So connected & so intertwined,
Yet never destined to be one
It wanted to see if it’s possible
It wanted to see…

We aren’t destined to be soul mates,
We aren’t destined to be,
We’re just buying time…

So incompatible,
Yet, our hearts beat as one,
It doesn’t matter though because,
I know you’re not mine
& You know I’m not yours
But we’re still together
Here & Now 
Just passing time. . . 

We aren’t confused about this arrangement
It’s 5 am
I’m with you, 
& you’re with me
We both know where we’re suppose to be
Him with her
& Me with him
But we’re so consumed by this moment
How could this be?

We both Neither here nor there
We both blinded by the sex
It’s been too good to be true
It’s been too good,

We’re both using each other
We’re objects of Passion, Pain & Pleasure
Fulfilling each others fantasy
Because our lives aren’t that much better

The table shakes
I reach for my phone
“Babe where are you?”
Then I slowing put down my phone

My potential husband
Is my emotional booty call
No physical attraction
But he fulfills my soul…


♥ Kamiz


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