“I love you”

Comes rushing out your mouth

While your babies hit the walls of the latex.

I’m thinking of all the things I used to do with my late ex.

And how we would’ve settled down and had our two babies by now.

Im here tryna work up an excuse to leave,

But I can’t,  because my knees were made too weak.

I know I promised to stay the night.

But your emotional outburst just opted me to leave.   


So I…

Go on my knees,

Give you one last blow

And reflect on all the good times we had…

On the counter,

In the car, shower,

Ohh and between your boys sheets.

Then I realise that I spoiled you with  consistency,

I know I left you confused.

No strings attached,  

All tangled up,

With the knot you wont let loose.

I realise that I messed up,

When I let you hit it one more time.


Now im feeling like your dealer,

You got your cards on the table,  

I’m willing to commit,

But im not able,

Because I’m wild like a dark horse.

Emotionally, I’m unavailable.

Connection, undeniable.

Occurrences, memorable.

Thought of ending it all, unbearable.

♥ Kamiz

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