The Artist


A fractional piece of your life mirrors his…

Where the cutting of his ear 

Echos your love for music &

Displaying how much you’re willing to sacrifice,

Before you actually lose it.

Both somehow portraying a sense of overzealness in your craft. . .

In a parallel universe,

Exists a little corner store,

Feeling like somehow you gave them a piece of your soul,

So they could give you a piece of your old life back.

Mimicking nothing,

But the energy he once drew

From his deepest emotions,

As his very own muse.

Creative at heart,

Wired with passion and 

The ability to feel with great depth.

Seeing and feeling beyond the human eye.

Overactive imagination

Allowing you to already see

Right through her naked body

Without exercising your naked eye.


Adopting multiple personalities and

Traits to mask yourself

Like layers of water-based paint

Forever changing and shape shifting,

& sometimes even painting over your somber mood. 

Making musical references

To make sense of ramification.

Not bound to any genre

Because you experience songs as inspiration.

Subconsciously expressing emotional clues

Subliminally hidden in your favourite tunes. 

Turning the music up so loud

You would think Eminem

Is throwing a private concert

In your very own room.

So out of tune with the world,

Yet still so in touch,

Beating to the rhythm of your very own drum.

Part of you hating that

The very song that moves you

Beyond the beat

Makes little sense

To everyone else listening.

But stil somewhat glad

That they’re moving their body anyway,

Interpreting the song in their own way.

Always thinking

The next part of your life will

Unfold a part of the answers,

Like how rhythm blends in with the blues.

Making peace with the adventure

Of finding the key in the next chapter. 

One of life’s paradoxes surface, 

Lingering is the thought of wanting to open doors to new things 

But still feeling quite safe with all those doors closed in.

Point is,

They don’t know about Your life.

They don’t know about you.

Then again

Nobody does.

&  Somehow

You’re perfectly okay with that. 

♥ Kamiz

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