Sorry, but you got the wrong idea…

You should’ve thought with your head first!
How could you trust your heart?
You’re acting Like fools do…
I knew this would happen from the start.
‘Love & Lust’
Guess you couldn’t tell them apart.
I told you not to fall for me.
I told you this from the start.

So you’re in love?
I won’t lie,
I laughed when you first asked:
“What happened to US?”
There is Me.
There is You.
I’m not saying I’m above you.
I’m just saying I’m above my emotions.
U are the only one in

I told you never to get used to me.
I told you you’d never get Me.
I told you to give your love to a girl who wants all that…
I’m not even through,
But I bet you already wish
You never knew me!

I take it loving someone
Who doesn’t really love you back
Must totally suck…
Because, I can’t give you my mind &
I won’t give you my heart
You’re in too deep.

♥ Kamiz

Published by Lotus

I am not a Poet, however, I express myself poetically. I am not a student, but I am studying Financial and Information Systems. I am not a daughter, I am being, who was birthed out of a women's womb, and I happen to love her so much. I am not a sister, I just happened to come out the same womb which onced hosted a soul that now means everything to me. I am not a friend, I am an individual who chooses to let endless hours pass whilst spending presious moments with people I now love. Point is, I'm trying to discover who I am and not what or who I am associated with. One thing I am certain of regarding me, is that I AM HAPPY!

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