Rose Petals & Bruises

Rose petals & bruises Love hurts when we lose it  Deep cuts, black & blue skin I can’t hide from what the truth is  I won’t lie, in love? I stay losing I finally know what colour maroon is  Because it’s been lingering on my thin skin. When I close my eyes, he flashes ComingContinue reading “Rose Petals & Bruises”

To Men Who Leave Their Words in Other Women’s Bed…

I refuse to write out words for a lover who Has left their words On another woman’s bed.  I won’t take me clothes off For a man who doesn’t take time To unmask my mental layers Before he reaches my bare skin.                                                        I no longer break my bones To build a home Made of locked doors WhichContinue reading “To Men Who Leave Their Words in Other Women’s Bed…”

Music; To My Ears

You listen to musicBecause your aim is to block out the world Forget your problems Escape Feel free & have an opportunity to be carefree I listen to music because My own thoughts consume me I’m numb to my emotions I don’t have much feelings I don’t trust my emotions I’m not able to feelContinue reading “Music; To My Ears”