Daddy’s little girl. . .

I need you now more than ever. I’m wondering why you don’t check on me constantly or at least check how I’m living. Teach me what it is to be a man, so that I could easily sass out all the counterfeits.   I’m doing it by myself, and I’m struggling.  How many tears and heartContinue reading “Daddy’s little girl. . .”

Did you even like me…

Sometimes i wish what never killed me actually did… like my lips, i wonder how you never managed to taste insecurities and words i never let slipped out when we kissed. Remember when i told you, you gave me butterflies? What i had meant was the butterflies in my stomach were more like cocoons andContinue reading “Did you even like me…”

Thank You Mommy. . .

Thank you for the million hugs & kisses Including those stored up in jars, for days when I really miss you.     Thank you for your purest form of love, which is kind, endless, unconditional, honest, real and gives me power to keep going.                                         Thank you for supporting me, with all my goals, dreams and stickingContinue reading “Thank You Mommy. . .”