Catfish Penis


Oh, you're just a litte kitty?

I was disgusted, betrayed & hurt.
I had been thirstier than a guy who never dodged thirst traps for obvious reasons. . .
I Should’ve known something was amis after he turned down head.
In all honesty, I wouldn’t even make fun of him if he told me upfront he had micropenis, but he tried fooling me. That’s why I was so pissed.
So I hopped out of the bed like he had grazed my skin with a red hot poker.
I wont lie,
I was torn between laughing and crying.
I kicked his ass out though.
Told him to NEVER hit my phone up again.
I laid in bed more confused than the hip hop community after the Grammys.  
I never thought about it like this,
But he catfished his penis.

♥ Kamiz


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