Emotionless Bxtch!


Oh, I had myself fooled.

I recently started seeing a guy
Okay, I’ve known him for quite a while but it was up until recently when I acknowledged that he actually existed.

Anyway, he called me an emotionless bitch… maybe he didn’t use those exact words, because he’s trying to get into my pants and emotions, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it sounded like.

Surprisingly so, it hurt me because I actually like this one. In all honesty, I thought I was being caring and affectionate (and all the gay stuff that come with emotions) by actually making time for him and sacrificing my alone time, unlike other guys, that I make plans with, then *cough cough* sorry I can’t make it, I’m sick, “rain check?” (Along with the other bullshit stories I spring on these poor guys which I wouldn’t like them knowing because they’re probably reading this too.)

What I really want to say is, I took what he said to into consideration ( along with my Big Sister’s wish on my birthday, which was ” I’d love for her to have more emotion“).
So over the next few weeks or months, I’ll be exploring and experiencing my emotions a whole lot more and a whole lot deeper.

Wish me luck… or better yet, cry for me


♥ Kamiz

5 thoughts on “Emotionless Bxtch!

    1. Noted ☺. Thank you.
      As true as that may be.
      Life is about growth, experiences, adventures and exploring.
      I’m not growing if I remain the same and attract the same kind of guys, right?
      I think it’s a journey worth taking, no matter what the outcome is.


  1. True. Sometimes you simply have to be found by the right guy. The bigger question is do you know he’s not the right guy but continue to try and make it work? Seems that’s always a recipe for disaster. Nice site theme BTW 👍


    1. I’ve always wanted to explore my emotional side and many people close to me have always wanted to see it.

      I’ve tried achieving that through my writing and although I sometimes do, I never give those close to me a chance to read my work.

      I have a lot of repressed emotions.
      Now that I’m getting older, I see that a lot of my decisions and choices are based on those unexplored feelings.

      I just want to go on a journey that will allow me to re-open old wounds that I failed to treat and feel the pain or joy which I deprived myself of and fully move on.

      Whether he’s good or absolutely toxic, time will tell. I’m just glad that he gave me the little extra push I need to go on this journey.

      Thank you ☺


      1. You’ll find that it’s quite a journey. Liberating. I know the feeling. I lived repressed for many years. Usually because that’s what men do. The good thing is that you know your faults and limitations already.
        Enjoy the ride and nice chatting.


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