Rihanna’s Dress

Definitely a late post, but who cares…

I wont lie, Rihanna’s body is sick. 
But that dress is NOT.
It’s shiny & we all know people love glitter.
But lets not forget.
“Not everything that glitters is gold.”

Her reaction to the controversy?
I absolutely love it!
We human beings (myself included) have a tendency of baring our double standards on an open platter, forgetting that, our very on dose of medicine will be served on that very platter.    

One thing that I don’t appreciate, is females (who are barely dressed on their  Instagram’s & Avi’s 《avi: twitter profile pictures》for measly likes & avi appreciations) slandering Rihanna because they expect her to be a good role model to the kids they should be raising.

But honestly, How different is Rihanna’s see through dess from your barely dressed pictures on social media? 

Let that sink in for a while. . .

“You have to be a real dirty girl to dress like that in public, you were posting Maya Angelou quotes last week.” – Some Really Sour Tweep 《Tweep: twitter person》

What this person probably fails to understand is that Maya (may her soul rest in peace) didn’t have a pretty past.  And she embraced in her poetry.
When it comes to sexuality, we all express it differently. Who the F☆ck cares if the next person doesn’t like it.
It’s just unfortunate that famous people get away with anything… If any other female went out in public with the same dress, we’d without a doubt call her hurtful and *shameful names.

All am saying is, let everyone freely express themselves. You cannot throw shade at you’re friend who is barely dressed then throw fairy dust on Rihanna strutting her stuff on

the red carpet.
Oh, & my take on 15 yr olds out defending Rihanna’s naked dress?
It just pains me that they’re probably tweeting from iPhones…

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♥ Kamiz


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