Come through. . .


Like I owe you something, or my pussy is some sort of down payment for you talking to me “oh, I should feel SO privileged”.

Well, that’s how most guys expect you to feel when they send you a “heartfelt” text like ‘come through…’

LOL, and for girls who actually felt special after receiving that text, let me break it down for you. I mean, it could mean a series of things.
1. I have no one because I’m a fool. I let the good ones go, & I just remembered I’m left with you.
2. All my boys & hoes are with their people. Your life seems as pathetic as mine. So come lets waste time.
3. I’d really like head, and you’re the only one willing to give it.
4. I’m bored.
5. INSERT: *Any other excuse you can think of, which seems fitting*

Why am I raining on your parade?
I’m not.  The truth just hurts.
Can you honestly tell me that the conversion is genuine? Oh? He really cares about your favourite colour or your dog fluffy? Sweet. Ask him if he remembers all that bullshit after the first round or when you finally come. Lol, like he’ll ever let that happen.

Hahaha, okay. From the outside, I do seem a little sour. I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THIS SITUATION. I don’t reply to texts that are sent directly to my Vagina.
Okay I’m lying, I do. But it’s for pure entertainment only. Honestly, nothing is more entertaining than selling dreams to the dream seller himself and watching him swallow all the bullshit he’s ever sold you, wrapped in a chocolate bar.

Imma just leave this right here. ☺

♥ Kamiz


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