I need you to Strip Me completely naked. I’m not talking about baring particles of my skin for your arousal. I mean opening my soul, So that you can roam in it for hours, Instead of the boys who feel they’re entitled to my body after knowing my favourite colour. See.. If you’re lucky, You’llContinue reading “Naked”

Black Women

Black Woman. Forever silenced and Passed off as crazy. Black Woman. According to society, We don’t have the right to feel beautiful… Black Woman. Our beauty and our intelligence are unrecognisable. Black Woman. Forever focused on what we lack. And never what we have. Black Woman. The world has denied us of our beauty andContinue reading “Black Women”

Daddy Issues

Why do you teach these boys to impregnate us and leave, and Bow down on their knees to pale white feet, like they can’t even stand us? If you’re lucky enough to have one be a part of your life. You get handed a undeserved proclaimed title of “Crazy Baby Momma”. They place their chocolateContinue reading “Daddy Issues”


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So many people have lost their lives And many others, lost even more; So many humans have been turned to sheep Just so they can live in peace, blindfold! Many of them became bricks Disposable material of those who look strong; Just to be part of something They strayed of their path, And…

One Night Stand

I am incapable of consciously giving up a piece of myself for temporary pleasure or enjoyment. I would kick myself at the thought of him having not earned it. I am aware that I may become a little bit more friendly and flirtatious under the influence of alcohol. I may even indicate signs of gettingContinue reading “One Night Stand”