I need you to Strip Me completely naked.

I’m not talking about baring particles of my skin for your arousal.
I mean opening my soul,
So that you can roam in it for hours,
Instead of the boys who feel they’re entitled to my body after knowing my favourite colour.

If you’re lucky,
You’ll get to see the colours of my spirit.
If you’re really really lucky,
You will feel five thousand colours taking you by the hand… dancing.
If you’re blessed beyond measure,
You will See the Genesis of my Alpha, and realise that you are my Omega…

I need you to get lost in me so deep, that you begin to see forever.

And, upon your return…

I want you to tell me every time you experience deja vu whenever we rondevu.

Black Women


Black Woman.
Forever silenced and
Passed off as crazy.

Black Woman.
According to society,
We don’t have the right to feel beautiful…

Black Woman.
Our beauty and our intelligence are unrecognisable.

Black Woman.
Forever focused on what we lack.
And never what we have.

Black Woman.
The world has denied us of our beauty and turned it into a multi billion dollar industry.

Black Woman.
Relaxer, Extentions, Perms and Skin lightening lotions.
Which have caused more harm than good.

Black Woman.
Stipped off her complexion, natural kink and hairline!
Need I say more?

Black Woman.
“Less black” is perceived more classy.
Media publications, are too scared to lose the “white standard of beauty”.

Black Woman.
Effortlessly disclose the origins of the hair they place above their own.
But unable to tell you the texture of their own hair.

Black Woman.
Expressing how they hate the feel of their own hair growing.
Like those natural curls are something to be ashamed of.

Black Woman.
Never taught to love themselves for who we are.
And Society?
Never taught to accept us for who we are.

Black Woman.
Taught to compete amongst each other.
And feel inferior to woman of other colours.
Too busy tearing each other down.
Not realizing how much stronger we are in numbers.

Black Woman.
It’s acceptable for white women to embrace their sexuality,
But God forbid a black women do the same, or else she’s a hoe.

Black Woman.
They have turned their back on us

I am both Black and a woman, I get combination slurs thrown at me

I’m not just a Nigger or a bitch to people.I am both and they do not hesitate to tell me so.

I don’t get a break. Ever. I have to fight for my womanhood, my Blackness, my humanity daily.

I don’t get the “luxury” of choosing just one. I am both. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Now and forever

And you know what? I don’t want to choose. I’ll never choose. You can never force me to choose.

My Blackness and my womanhood are both equally important to me and I will fight for both of them until the day I die.

♥ Kamiz

“Hit and Run” Part 2


He. Is. Lust.

My entire body was entangled in lust.
The butterflies at the pits of my stomach had awakened, by his touch.

I was weakened by his kisses.
I hated my body for paralysing itself, to every other movement, but that of passion.

Like a baby, that just learned how to walk, I was unable to control my own body,
He unwrapped my dignity and self control…

I was unable to stop him.

I had reciprocated every rhythm of his body.

Enraged with anger,
I bit his neck,
But he seemed to have liked it.

He keeps going…

I arched my back in mercy,
He couldn’t help but think that it was submission.

My knees wrestled with his feet.
I suffocated in the mist of darkness.

I wished that the same hands that were firmly controlling my rhythm, had actually choked me,
Instead of drowning in bodily fluids, I drowned in a bed where the another woman had layed.

I got consumed by the moment, because a part of me really wanted it.
I consoled my loneliness with the thought of not jumping from one bed to another.

Laying in bed with someone you do not really want to be with…

I finally see why prostitutes get high enough to swallow the stars.

But in the same breath,
Sex with the right person can be addicting as fuck.

In the mist of our passion, he groans “Ohh Baby” he knew very well that I hated being called that….

After everything had settled, 
I lay on his chest while we were both going through our phones that morning.

I was at the verge of forgiving him.

I glanced my eyes passed his screen.
I mistakenly see a text that popped up “baby, what are you doing?”
I swear I almost chocked.
For many years, I never knew why I hated being called baby, until that very moment.

He didn’t even flinch.

Later on, when he drops me off at my place.
I cannot help but find my voice below my swallowed pride. “Who is she?”.
He finally has the balls to answer me,  because he’s no longer in his territory about to get some ass…

“A friend”

I raise my eyebrow, he unashamedly continues

“we have been having sex for 3 years”

The same fractions of truth I had to force out of him,
happen to be the same dna prints left on his unmade bed, sheets and body for the past three years,

No! Respect me.

You trapped me.

“So what? You took a shower before you came to see me like her aurora wont be lingering on parts of your that body you happened to miss?”

And at no point of our lengthy time together,  did he feel the urge to tell me that, because they’re just fucking friends.

I fall apart and pick myself up at that very second. My mouth found my voice again. I am able to bravely ask him, “then what am I?”, And he effortlessly replies “You are just a hit and run”.

♥ Kamiz

Daddy Issues

Why do you teach these boys to impregnate us and leave, and
Bow down on their knees to pale white feet, like they can’t even stand us?

If you’re lucky enough to have one be a part of your life. You get handed a undeserved proclaimed title of “Crazy Baby Momma”.

They place their chocolate dipped Moms on Golden pedestals.
Forgetting that they too may have gone through the same stuggles, but they were’t around to see it.

Dads’ absence, in their lives made their Moms stronger.
All they see in their mothers, are feet that have been firmly planted on the ground.
But when it comes to their Baby Mommas, all they sees is a storm with skin on.
Just Damage.
Little did they know that she is damaged.
Little did they know that they caused the damage.

But they don’t get it.

They use every opportunity they can get to slander her and her sisters.
Crazy stupid bitches. Dark. Ugly.
Then puts their chocolate dipped daughters on the same golden pedestal they put their mothers on.

I don’t get it.

♥ Kamiz