I loved you, when you were most broken.
Prayed every night, that you would be healed as sunrise awakens,
But every day, you would awaken,
With more and more breathes taken.

I see how pain radiates through your smile.
Knowing that your feet won’t walk a mile, without a crutch.
Eyes oblivious, to what was already seen.
Mind breaks between intervals of time  and space, while experiencing numbness.

And in between prayers of your healing and opening my eyes and seeing you,
I’d sit and think…
“Would I ever do this this for a another living being?”
I put so much time and energy just to watch you slowly wither away…

It pained me to see how you slept on promises molded in yesterday’s pain.
How touch, was the only emotion left,
The only thing you felt.

After all the support and love I selflessly handed to you
Your soul didn’t even have the decency to remain.
The same pillow you rested your legs on, now nest my tears.

Frustrated by how much I loved you, when you couldn’t even have the strength to love yourself.

The intensity of trust heightened, when I held you up, with my shoulder hosting your hand.

Realsing that you really had no where to run.
Forced to engage in more meaningful conversations that opened you up and left you vulnerable.

I valued our conversations.
They helped me understand that small talk will never be the root of deep conversations.
I now vow to never be mesmerised by talk that’s cheap.

Your love stories showed me the epitome of romance.
Through your eyes, I saw the life of a slow dance…

        In Memory of Matshidiso Mopai.
                    31 October 2004

♥ Kamiz

Lonely Man By Fela Ella

Have you ever met the lonely man?
The man that watches out of his window all day
hoping someone will come and rescue him from
He holds the wildest dreams and yearns for
somebody to share it with, a “Queen”.
So lonely, not just one person can satisfy him.
Who can’t spend a day without every stranger
declaring love for him, and he to them..
With every night spent in another woman’s bed
but craving another.
This man is sweet and charming but toxic even to
The man that cries for all of your attention, and
hers and hers but still craves for more.
Please, If you meet him don’t take his hand, don’t
help him up.. Don’t look into his beautiful eyes.
Have you ever met the loneiy man, that torments
others hearts for his own comfort, I have.


Fela Ella

♥ Kamiz

Is This Really The End? (part 6)

No joy comes from being the other woman.
Lust will never be enough to sustain you.


You beg and plead. I even have you on your knees But that won’t change my mind. She needs to know EVERYTHING!!

You get angry. A volcano of emotions explode all over your body. Trying to scare me with your Hulk like anger. Baby you wouldn’t even harm a fly. What makes you think you would lay a hand on me?

[Remember when you’d strut around like a god? When the world was at your feet and what you desired, you got. Your gloating to your homies- you got them both. Puny god…]

You gather your stuff and leave like a wounded puppy.

I’m left alone with my thoughts. I’m ready to tell. I want her to know about our sins and secrets. This heavy load on my shoulders is weighing me down. Am I ready to ruin our friendship? I’m not ready to cast dark clouds over HER happy…

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“You think your sex was good
I only moaned not to be rude”

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STRANGER  by Abiri Zuleyka
YES! I have fallen for another
A man who brings me laughter
Who takes away the pain
Faster than a poor man,
killed by cancer
By mere looking at him, I heal, my pain!
He stole my heart from your wicked arms, and hid it in a safe place .

YES!! I don’t love you anymore darling Or should I say stranger
I see it in your eyes
you are flaming with anger
Go away you!
For my true love, I hunger

You say you still love me or do you mean my beauty
I’m tired of your using me to shine I want to be free
I have fallen for someone Who loves my soul, my body, my everything
My imperfections and my edges Stranger I am tired of your programming
And your treating me like some robotic machine  

Oh don’t pretend!! You know…

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She dreamt me into existence…
I was no threat,
I mean,
He was just my friend,
Nothing about it was pretend.

From borderline brother,
To undercover lover,
Like harmless breeze turned thunder.

Like Alice, 
I’m in Wonder…
I’m lost,
I’m confused,
My feelings;
Who knew?
Me and you?!?
From Souled Out tunes to old school blues,
From bluesing to bruising
From humming to moaning the same tune.

Her insecurities, prophesied
Didn’t take long ’til they materialised
Now I’m mesmerised
Living another life
Caught up in a web of lines
I am not his
He is not mine.

♥ Kamiz