Lonely Man By Fela Ella

Have you ever met the lonely man?
The man that watches out of his window all day
hoping someone will come and rescue him from
He holds the wildest dreams and yearns for
somebody to share it with, a “Queen”.
So lonely, not just one person can satisfy him.
Who can’t spend a day without every stranger
declaring love for him, and he to them..
With every night spent in another woman’s bed
but craving another.
This man is sweet and charming but toxic even to
The man that cries for all of your attention, and
hers and hers but still craves for more.
Please, If you meet him don’t take his hand, don’t
help him up.. Don’t look into his beautiful eyes.
Have you ever met the loneiy man, that torments
others hearts for his own comfort, I have.


Fela Ella

♥ Kamiz

Published by Lotus

I am not a Poet, however, I express myself poetically. I am not a student, but I am studying Financial and Information Systems. I am not a daughter, I am being, who was birthed out of a women's womb, and I happen to love her so much. I am not a sister, I just happened to come out the same womb which onced hosted a soul that now means everything to me. I am not a friend, I am an individual who chooses to let endless hours pass whilst spending presious moments with people I now love. Point is, I'm trying to discover who I am and not what or who I am associated with. One thing I am certain of regarding me, is that I AM HAPPY!

3 thoughts on “Lonely Man By Fela Ella

  1. You highlighted what seems like a problem, good… But what is the solution to help solve the problem rather Than avoiding it to safe one self while living the problem helpless, and growing worse.


    1. I haven’t really thought about that, I was too busy trying to save myself.

      I guess a lonely man has to look within, to find his fulfillment, because no amount of love from another living being can make him whole.


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