When I started receiving love in ways I felt I didn’t deserve, I stopped looking outwardly and I started looking within…

                                         – Kamogelo Mopai

♥ Kamiz

F 4 u – fela ella

I just wanted you that one time. That that one stroke

That one night.

That last kiss, that last cuddle. 

You’re trying to talk about how much you want me forever but my eyes roll and I scream for you to touch me there..

I know I won’t want you later or care for your feelings. 

I never have, never fucking will..

Just keep me company, hold me while I dig into you.

lust for me like you love me, then leave me without your name. 

Your confessions of love make me sick.

I don’t want you, I just want him, his tenderness his negativity his everything. 

I’m fucked up and you don’t even realise. My arms hurt from the slicing, my lungs hurt from the smoking. 

My heart aches to hear your voice again, so that you can tell me that you love me.

and I’ll lie and tell you that “I love you too.”

Fela Ella

♥ Kamiz

I’m so unapologetic nowadays. I love it.

I’ve actually gotten to the point where I have NO remorse, no apologies, about how I feel.

You ever felt bad or guilty about your own feeling?

Have you ever felt like your feelings had to be justified for them to be valid?

Welp, not anymore. And I love it.

This is who I am & this is how I feel; this is fact, that you have no choice but to accept. (I’m not asking permission to feel what I feel anymore)

From Tumblr:

♥ Kamiz