Soon as the liquor dissolves on my tongue,
I am unable to control myself.
I only want you.
Like you are the only thing buried at the bottom of a bottle.

I’m too far from sober to want you in any other way.
In the sea of alcohol,
It is only you that I remember clearly.

I can’t rinse the bitter taste of you on my tongue.
Your taste lingers long after I’ve stopped being consumed by you.
And I’m dying to feel the tenderness of being sober, again.

I wake, in a bed, that is remote to mine.
Laying beside you,
Fully aware that you’re not mine.
How is that you don’t stop me,
When you are the one with the sober mind.

In the temporary heat of passion, 
You make bad decisions look good.
And in the aim of forgetting your name,
I only manage to forget my own.

Waiting until the night falls,
To crack a bottle of wine,
Is an easily attainable goal,
When I fool myself into believing that, 
Tonight, I won’t think about you.
I will take all day to recover from the hell I put my body through the previous night.

And one day,
I’ll mean absolutely nothing to you,
And you will make me feel it in the midst of my unsoberness.
I will pour all the remaining pieces of my heart in a text, and you won’t even reply.

Published by Lotus

I am not a Poet, however, I express myself poetically. I am not a student, but I am studying Financial and Information Systems. I am not a daughter, I am being, who was birthed out of a women's womb, and I happen to love her so much. I am not a sister, I just happened to come out the same womb which onced hosted a soul that now means everything to me. I am not a friend, I am an individual who chooses to let endless hours pass whilst spending presious moments with people I now love. Point is, I'm trying to discover who I am and not what or who I am associated with. One thing I am certain of regarding me, is that I AM HAPPY!

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