23 years later and I’d still choose you… 

You’re aware that I belong to God First then you.
You’re a God Fearing woman.
…A child of God.
You have taught me spirit filled wisdom. 
When life gets overwhelming,

You remind me that I serve a living God,

And we pray, even though we’re miles away.

Because when two or three of us are gathered (even over the phone) He is there.
When the enemy attacks…

You remind me that the War is God’s but victory is mine.
When I feel that life is passing me by, and goals aren’t falling into place as quickly as I’d like them to.

You remind me that I am exactly where God wants me to be, where God wants to use me.
There’s are days when your flesh filled… But on your spirit filled days, oh -I am touched and moved by you.
One day I’ll have my own bundles of joy, and I pray for me to be more like you, A God Fearing Mom.

Published by Lotus

I am not a Poet, however, I express myself poetically. I am not a student, but I am studying Financial and Information Systems. I am not a daughter, I am being, who was birthed out of a women's womb, and I happen to love her so much. I am not a sister, I just happened to come out the same womb which onced hosted a soul that now means everything to me. I am not a friend, I am an individual who chooses to let endless hours pass whilst spending presious moments with people I now love. Point is, I'm trying to discover who I am and not what or who I am associated with. One thing I am certain of regarding me, is that I AM HAPPY!

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