Suffering isn’t worth a damn.

Of life she writes.

I think I let other people’s anxiety get to me sometimes.

It’s almost like I let myself get drawn in to whatever is making them anxious and I run with it.

I started reading a book for like the thirteenth time a few days ago.

It’s called “No mud, no lotus”

I read it sometimes to remind me to let go of things that cause me some sort of pain or emotional difficulties.

The lotus grows in mud.

Without mud there is no flower.

Without water there is no flower.

Without sun there is no flower.

If you don’t think about what is causing you anxiety, life will be so much smoother.

Why bother yourself with something that you cannot control?

I’m pretty sure I’ve told you guys about my lotus flower obsession.

The lotus is beautiful.

Yet it grows in even the worst conditions.

In muddy water.

Like people.

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