Unwanted Possession

Signed by Kiarra.

Who owns rape?

Because I’ve been indirectly told that it cannot belong to me.

With things like…

Lets go over this again.

What happened?

Who did it?

Are you sure?

What did you do?

I am sorry that I can recall things I do not want to.

Like unfamiliar energies taking down my circuits.

I apologize that I’m not the skinny girl with a short skirt.

I am sorry that I possess a rape memory.

And honestly, you can have it back.

I never wanted it to belong to me.

Yet, you’re acting like I’m unworthy.

As if rape comes with standards.

While most women fixate on what they could’ve done to prevent it.

I have to fixate on what’s so unbelievable about it happening to me.

I start becoming ashamed to tell my story.

I mean…

Who would listen without judgment?

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