Day 17: Etiquette

There are plenty more fish in the sea

is a good thing to say to a child whose goldfish just died.

Not to someone who thinks they just lost the love of their life.

Day 16: Self Love

I force fed myself the ideology of Self Love before I even learned the definition

Day 13: Value

I remember dating once upon a time.

The relationship was based on convenience.

And although I taught myself how to love him, eventually. I hated that I had to constantly remind him of my worth.

Since then,I’ve always vowed to never settle for a man who fails to Pursue me.

Truth is, I’ve never been unaware of my Value [and yes, I may occasionally seek validation]. But I know what I can bring to the table, I know what I’ve brought to the table and the potential I can bring. And all three are nourishing, enriching, empowering and fulfilling at all times. I don’t know how to give in halves.

Day 11: Love Letter

Today, I read old letters I once wrote to past lovers…

It’s the words I wrote that truly spoke to me.

My love has always been silent but bold.

Silent Roar is what I call her.

I let my heart bleed on those pages in fear of my love being to large to digest.

I could never confront any lover without the fear of drowning them in my intensity.

I now see why my subconscious always drew me away from love.

She knew my love was daring, bold, submissive yet unapologetic.

I’ve always fallen too short of my own love.

It has taken me my whole life to grow into her Silent Roar.