Day 8: Drained

I have exhausted myself in the name of love.


Love Redefined


Day 5: Mirror Mirror…

I studied the type of love I thought you wanted.

I mimicked and mirrored the type of love I thought would sustain you.

For years I’ve molded myself around your instability and inconsistency only to get nothing in return.

When I look back, I realize that I only gave what I thought you wanted and never did I grace you with the complexities of my own love

Maybe that’s why you failed to love me in return.


Love Redefined

Day 4: Validation


but that does not mean that the men I come into contact with will acknowledge that or even give me the light of day, even if it’s just for a second.

And I cannot fault them because they are in pursuit of other things. Meaning, they don’t even have time to marvel at my beauty bursting from deep inside.

They just simply notice the aftermath which consists of my beautifully constructed features, which happen to fit in with their desire.

And by pursuing it, they completely annihilating everything that is truly me.

Note to Self:

I need to stop seeking validation in the hands of the men who will never love me.