Day 20: Uprooted

It’s of utmost importance to be aware of your childhood,

There’s a subconscious link to the type of lovers you attract.

A subconscious link to triggers and bad habits.

A link to how you respond to certain situations.

We love along grooves formed in our childhood.

Through Life, we recreate feelings of love we knew when we were young.

Our psychological history, predisposes us to fall for certain type of people.

Truth is, we were force feed whatever love that was given to us when we were young, until we were capable of feeding ourselves our own definition.

And it’s unfortunate that some aspects of love that we’ve grown to know aren’t only cemented in, but are actually part of the foundation.

And knowing that you have to tear yourself apart from the root just to learn your own ‘healthier’ is painful.

Just earlier, my mom and I were having a conversation. A year ago, I would have easily sided with her without even flinching, but instead it turned into a fruitful debate.

I say this because, I had not only embodied her ideology of love, I had remolded it to be own without even being aware.

And now that I’m growing conscious of the intensity and complexity of my own love, I’m slowly learning how to articulate it and implement it in my own life.

I’m Redefining my own love.

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