Day 22: Love has Triggers

Every time I felt rejected by love, I had an escape.

And I was unaware.

It finally hit me in the midst of me getting lost in my own thoughts; the triggers I’d resort to… it struck me so deep, I literally broke down.

See, every time I felt disappointed or rejected by a particular loved on, I’d subconsciously act out. It was sad, because until that moment, I never knew I had a bad habit.

I wasn’t aware that subconsciously, I’d get triggered and act out. When I came to this realization, I was deeply torn.

Not only was I rejected and hurt, it led me to expose myself to more hurt

What I’m trying to say is, sometimes these triggers can be painfully dangerous.

Next time you feel Hurt, Rejected or Betrayed by love or a loved one, take a moment to reflect, how do you respond subconsciously to that hurt.

That hurt could come in the form of a person, event or action.

What unhealthy triggers do experience?

Do you drink or spring clean, resort to sex or retail therapy?

Know your triggers.

By knowing what your triggers are, you restore and build so much power in the manner in which you will be capable of loving

Truth is, When I don’t feel loved, I relapse.

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