Day 23: Love is not Potential

I recently came across one of my many dream journals and WOW, I’ve always been ambitious and driven. This is undoubtedly what I’ve always loved about me.

And in this particular Journal, dated 17 May 2013, I wrote remarkable quotes throughout the seminar from individuals whom I’d consider heavy weights like Phuti Mahanyele, Tony Gaskins & Timothy Webster. I was moved by every single word that was said which I managed to capture in the form of memorable Quotes.

Gosh, five years later and I’m still in awe and equally overwhelmed that I was in the same room as these remarkable people.

I was inspired, ready to take on the world and all It’s challenges yet somehow, five years later, I’m still somewhat in the same space. Don’t get me wrong, spiritually, I’ve matured, drastically, Academically, I’ve graduated, Career wise, I became partner within a year. Yet I haven’t attained a fraction of what 2013 year old me desired, simply because I haven’t bothered to tap into my potential.

Okay, Now back to love. If 2013 year old me had gotten married to me, and seen what I’ve done within these five years, we’d probably be getting a divorce, if we hadn’t already. She’d be frustrated out of her mind, because I haven’t explored my burning potential to date.

And this is pretty much what happens in Relationships. People are attracted to potential. “Let’s Build together”.

A wedding, being cement and all necessary building materials, however throughout the marriage, no foundation is being built.

And the frustration begins to kick in, but truth is you didn’t marry a Civil Engineer, nor is he or she a brick layer or any remotely close to a construction worker. Only a dreamer… [but wait! There’s more] with potential.

Okay… I’m probably losing you now.

To wrap this up, stop seeking potential, what is it that they are bringing to the table consistently? Is it easy on your pallet? And are you able to stomach it? If not, you’re probably at the wrong table.

Are they making excuses for what they are unable to bring to the table and dangle a carrot to merely string you along to empty nothings?

Or perhaps the perhaps the person I’m referring to is not your partner but actually you.

Introspect and be honest with yourself,

Dig deep.

Be vulnerable

& transparent.

Love is not potential.

I repeat.

Love is not potential.

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