Cherry Diary ( Pt 7)

“He invites me over for dinner by candle, in place that is his comfort zone. Little, did I know, I was the one that was gonna be devoured on that dinner table. Even with the candles lighting up the room, I had never been in soo much darkness. He ate me up that night and that ate me up inside. No remorse, told me to fuck off. Most important part of me, left on that table.”
So much for Mr Romantic

♥ Kamiz

Cherry Diary ( Pt 6)

“Bumped into a guy I had a crush on. He kept eyeing me. He soon complimented me on the way I looked. Later that night, he invites My girls and I to his place. He was hosting an after party with friends. Said he’d love if I came through. Walked through at the beginning of my favourite song,  it’s barely halfway through and his hands have fully explored my inner. He did things Unknown to me. I had never anticipated what happened that night. Whenever I googled “how to sex”. None of these things came up.”
Disappointed by crush

♥ Kamiz

Cherry Diary ( Pt 5)

“Shhh… he says to me, as he creeps his impurities into my bed. Quietly pulls my pyjamas off, covering my mouth whilst he holds me. He tells me to play with lil johnny, while he pulls on my hair, he tells me to treat it like a lolly. I give him a blank stare. He doesn’t even pull my pants back up. before he opens the door, he tells me to not tell anybody, or else he’ll tell mommy I broke her favorite vase”
-Uncle Wont Stop Touching Me

♥ Kamiz

Cherry Diary ( Pt 4)


You're so beautiful

“Finally out of high school, my body on a high too. Unaware that my physical features entice these male creatures. Feeling honored that they put me on a pedestal, eyeing one part of me. One sparked my interest and set my bed alight. The fire kendled so hot between my legs, all through the night. In the morning, he disappeared, You’d swear he died in the fire…”
Miss Banging Body

♥ Kamiz

Cherry Diary ( Pt 3)

“We’ve been vibing for a while now, we had chilled a couple of times with friends. He tells me that he’d like to ‘chill ;)’…
Surprisingly, I’m was home alone for the first time that weekend. I tell him to come through with a few blunts, believe Me, he CAME alright!
As we boarded the trippy flight, he explicitly tells me all the things he’s gonna do to me. That night, he introduces my inner thighs to his brittle beards and Me, to my inner freak. I see a side of my bed which seems unfamiliar. I dig sin deeply into his back and leave blood on the sheets, as he penetrates deeply from behind. Ultimately, my dignity was covered in cum shots”
I thought he liked me.

♥ Kamiz

Virginity is just a Concept…

Virginity is a concept rather than a
tangible item.
In most situations, you choose whether you want to keep it or give it away.
That decision soley affects you.
Not your mom, not your dad not your siblings or your girlfriends either.

The worth it carries is only determined by you &
The value that you place on it.

So, if it has no weight or effect on you as a person and you’re willing give it to anyone, with little thought or consideration,
Are you really losing anything at all?

Just my opinion.
Shoot me.

♥ Kamiz