Day 23: Love is not Potential

I recently came across one of my many dream journals and WOW, I’ve always been ambitious and driven. This is undoubtedly what I’ve always loved about me. And in this particular Journal, dated 17 May 2013, I wrote remarkable quotes throughout the seminar from individuals whom I’d consider heavy weights like Phuti Mahanyele, Tony GaskinsContinue reading “Day 23: Love is not Potential”

Thank You Mommy. . .

Thank you for the million hugs & kisses Including those stored up in jars, for days when I really miss you.     Thank you for your purest form of love, which is kind, endless, unconditional, honest, real and gives me power to keep going.                                         Thank you for supporting me, with all my goals, dreams and stickingContinue reading “Thank You Mommy. . .”

Music; To My Ears

You listen to musicBecause your aim is to block out the world Forget your problems Escape Feel free & have an opportunity to be carefree I listen to music because My own thoughts consume me I’m numb to my emotions I don’t have much feelings I don’t trust my emotions I’m not able to feelContinue reading “Music; To My Ears”

Why I’m Not Into Relationships

I don’t want someone to give me their heart,
Because I know for a FACT I won’t give them Mine!
I’m scared I’ll hurt them…
I’m scared they’ll go all-out
To give me All of them,
When I won’t even give them a piece of me.
When they show me affection,
I’ll give them the cold shoulder…
I don’t want to be that person they’ll remember for breaking their heart,
Or making them wait,
I DON’T wanna be that Person!