Joy is peace from within…

Knowing who you are and being unapologetic about it. Knowing your demons, confronting them, working through them so that you can confidently work towards the woman you’re destined to become. Joy is the aftermath of allowing yourself to heal, regardless of how ugly the process may be. It’s forgiving yourself for all the times youContinue reading “Joy is peace from within…”

Letter to 18 Year Old Me

The beauty of life is the journey that leads you to different places, that allow you to search yourself and meet yourself deeply… May you never get lost seeking something you already possess in yourself.

Day 23: Love is not Potential

I recently came across one of my many dream journals and WOW, I’ve always been ambitious and driven. This is undoubtedly what I’ve always loved about me. And in this particular Journal, dated 17 May 2013, I wrote remarkable quotes throughout the seminar from individuals whom I’d consider heavy weights like Phuti Mahanyele, Tony GaskinsContinue reading “Day 23: Love is not Potential”