21 October 2018: A Letter to Both Parents

It’s hard having two parents who both have had the privilege of being raised and surrounded by their fathers, well into their 40s. Granted, the circumstances of their relationships may have been unfavorable at times… And No darling, wishing that your father was not a part of your life vs not having one raise you,Continue reading “21 October 2018: A Letter to Both Parents”

Joy is peace from within…

Knowing who you are and being unapologetic about it. Knowing your demons, confronting them, working through them so that you can confidently work towards the woman you’re destined to become. Joy is the aftermath of allowing yourself to heal, regardless of how ugly the process may be. It’s forgiving yourself for all the times youContinue reading “Joy is peace from within…”

Day 79: In Closing

Love is personal Love is peace Love is painful Love is a lot like happiness Love is a process Love is patient Love is being patient with yourself Love is being yourself Love is God Love is seeking God Love is finding God Love is knowing your creators and forefathers Love is knowing who youContinue reading “Day 79: In Closing”