Because I am just a moon And among you, Are many stars Shinning far brighter than I ever could In the midst of the brightest one I fall And stay away Until she leaves again Then I creep up with Rest… She even shines her light on me. What I did I do to deserveContinue reading “Moonchild”

A tangled Web an older man weaves

His eyes are piercing, so focused. He doesn’t blink. He looks into the depths of your soul as if he knows every little secret. It’s almost as though he sees right through you. He sees the way you vacillate between your choices, the way you pretend to be so damn sure of yourself while totingContinue reading “A tangled Web an older man weaves”

Is This Really The End? (part 6)

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You beg and plead. I even have you on your knees But that won’t change my mind. She needs to know EVERYTHING!! You get angry. A volcano of emotions explode all over your body. Trying to scare me with your Hulk like anger. Baby you wouldn’t even harm a fly. What…


She dreamt me into existence… I was no threat, I mean, He was just my friend, Nothing about it was pretend. From borderline brother, To undercover lover, Like harmless breeze turned thunder. Like Alice,  I’m in Wonder… I’m lost, I’m confused, My feelings; New Who knew? Me and you?!? From Souled Out tunes to oldContinue reading “Dream”

I Can Never Be Her…

I can never be her… I can never have the effect she has on you. I can never get THAT look you give her, Or have the satisfaction of making you smile like she would. I don’t know her. I’ve never seen how she looks But I can tell how she looks By the wayContinue reading “I Can Never Be Her…”

Confessions of A Side Chick. . .

      You probably don’t remember the first day we met…                      Standing behind me, In the line of the club, With your shadow all over my back. Your girl’s name rolling off the tip of your tongue- During your annoying conversation, But you can’tContinue reading “Confessions of A Side Chick. . .”