23 years later and I’d still choose you… 

You’re aware that I belong to God First then you. You’re a God Fearing woman. …A child of God. You have taught me spirit filled wisdom.  When life gets overwhelming, You remind me that I serve a living God, And we pray, even though we’re miles away. Because when two or three of us areContinue reading “23 years later and I’d still choose you… “

Why is the devil so father-phobic?

“The devil has been trying to expunge every image that represents a loving faithful fathers from our culture. But why is the devil so father -phobic? Because he know that if  he can continue to destroy Galilee, through broken dads, it will keep us from discovering that there is a heavenly Father who can turnContinue reading “Why is the devil so father-phobic?”

– Mirror Conversation 

   You’re the real meaning of staying but leaving. A cross between a hurricane and tremor infused in water. But you’re not a disaster, And you don’t cause one, But somehow those around your feel the aftermath of your presence, And It’s not as pretty as you look. You wonder why people who love you,Continue reading “– Mirror Conversation “

I refuse to write out words for a lover who Has left their words   On another woman’s bed.  I won’t take me clothes off For a man who doesn’t take time To unmask all my mental layers Before he reaches my bare skin.                                                         I no longer break my bones To build a home MadeContinue reading

Heartbreak. . .

Sometimes means giving your heart a break. Sometimes you don’t feel it, because your heart is on a break. Loving, is something that is sometimes to much for it to take. Something that someone can never fake.                                   Sometimes used as lust’s bait. Can easily turn into a bitter taste. Created by someone who youContinue reading “Heartbreak. . .”