Love Redefined

I was 14 when I started writing. I wrote because I was hurt and I didn’t know how to articulate my pain in the form of emotions.

I wrote from a place of pain and I held my words true, in the midst of that, I taught myself horrible misconceptions of love and what love meant to me.

I’ve always had a good head on my shoulders, so it was painfully easy for me to teach myself ugly truths regarding love, which soon became a reality. I carried that and the weight of the world. I had burdened myself, heavily.

So I dedicate July, the month of completion, to unlearning the love I’ve know and readdressing my perspective on love.

D3762AE3-E63E-48DF-80A2-7F36CC45BC57The aim is post daily until I reach Utopia.

I’ve never been a writer at heart, only a writer in pain. LOL, so there will be some errors here and there, I urge you to look past them.

I’m writing this to heal parts of me that I’ve never wanted to admit were broken.

Friday, 13 July, 2018

Additionally, I’d like to Thank Sharon Madalane, for reminding me that it’s okay, to give the love you intended for another, to yourself.

Below is a list of things I learned along the way…

1. Self Love is being mindful and aware of the type of love you give to other people- Intimacy

2. Love doesn’t require outside approval to be sustained- Confession

3. Love is uprooting ugly parts of you, through identity and killing old habits and traits. And that is never easy, so I turned to Prayer

4. Being honest about what sustains you Regarding the opposite sex, what is it that you seek and find? Does it sustain you? Is it pure? Validation