AIDS Is No Stranger To Me

I remember coming home one afternoon and they had casually said “Elton is no more”

[Elton was my friend

A little boy who lived next door]

I didn’t know much about AIDS

But I knew that dirty word was Drenched in Death.

See, I knew it was inevitable

I knew that it was gonna happen

But I just didn’t understand.

He was 12,

He was my friend,

He had done nothing…

He had done nothing wrong!

Some days he was full of life

Other days he couldn’t come out to play.

On those days, I resented his parents for breeding …

Giving birth to a ticking time bomb.

He lived with his Mom, Dad and Little Brother

In a small four walled house.

A house where death was no stranger.

He had lost his dad at first.

A man with a beautiful soul.

Then a newly born brother

Whom we didn’t get to see grow;

Those four walls eventually covered his screams.

A few days later day we were playing at the washing line,

And he had told me that some day soon, he would follow.

I was in disbelief,

Because death and youth synonymously, we’re unbeknown to me.

It wasn’t long until his mom moved on to another lover

I’d hear my friend’s screams land on my window seal

The new dad took pleasure in teaching my friend a lesson.

And in those same very four walls

Another little brother was conceived.

I couldn’t help but think that

She enjoyed watching her loved ones suffer and wither away.


I was MAD!

I think she secretly enjoyed giving birth to ticking time bombs.

Again, I just didn’t understand.

But there was one thing I saw in her eyes…

And it was Survival.

She was hungry to live and be provided for

Not matter the cost…

Wed 18 May 2016

I am sitting on my bed, a little over 12 years finally Mourning my friend’s loss…



“You think your sex was good
I only moaned not to be rude”

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STRANGER  by Abiri Zuleyka
YES! I have fallen for another
A man who brings me laughter
Who takes away the pain
Faster than a poor man,
killed by cancer
By mere looking at him, I heal, my pain!
He stole my heart from your wicked arms, and hid it in a safe place .

YES!! I don’t love you anymore darling Or should I say stranger
I see it in your eyes
you are flaming with anger
Go away you!
For my true love, I hunger

You say you still love me or do you mean my beauty
I’m tired of your using me to shine I want to be free
I have fallen for someone Who loves my soul, my body, my everything
My imperfections and my edges Stranger I am tired of your programming
And your treating me like some robotic machine  

Oh don’t pretend!! You know…

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