My solitude grows out of my clothes…

It knows no bounds

I am unable to shake hands or give hugs to those I’d love to hold.

I then create beauty in spaces which I no longer allow them to occupy,

Because my art does not derive from human interaction,

but rather the hollows they leave behind…


You can’t help it, you know what you’re doing..

You possess a power so strong how can you not know?

Love, love, why does it feel like this..

Do you ever think of me.. I very much doubt.

You parade my mind so freely whenever you please and escape without warning.


Confused and alone, I weep once more..

You walk into the distance and leave me out cold, in the rain with only your words wrapping me warm..

Your sick love for shelter.

What We hold, so pure it exceeds normal pleasures..

Ecstasy In a human form..

Luring me in, entering my veins..

Look up to the stars once more.. The moon is the only thing we share.

But you shall never know, and I shall never tell.

– By Fela Ella

♥ Kamiz