I’m just a girl who has learned to take her pain and write it in words. My work is dripping in grammatical errors.

At no point am I trying to be perfect.

One thing I do know is, writing somehow keeps me sane in the midst of my chaos, and for me that’s really comforting. What’s even more comforting is when people relate and look beyond my errors.

Forever 21

I recently asked if I was somewhat weird or awkward for being 21 and still ( forever single), and I got the most surprising response which actually warmed my heart. I’d like to share it:

” Nothing wrong with you. 

If anything you are being more careful than most who would rush into a relationship. 

I have some words for you, if you will listen. 

Always, always, always listen to your gut. Even above your heart. If you wait, and are wise, there will come into your life a person who activates your heart AND your gut instincts. This is the person you will pursue, and hopefully marry. He will make you happier than you can imagine. 

Never, ever, ever have sex before marriage. Sex will destroy what foundation you have with him, and gives him your commitment without requiring his. There is nowhere left for him to go with you after sex, which is why you find so many confused women on this very site, wondering why a man has ceased all contact after they have sex with him. 

Be wise, be patient, and above all, work on yourself. Work on your heart. 

Learn to be vulnerable. Learn to be feminine-and LOVE being it. There is little more a delight to a man than a woman who loves being a woman, and loves being HIS woman. You would be a blessing that cannot be bought with money, gold, or diamonds, and would be worth far more than all of those things”




I wish I could live off more meaningful things.

I wish my poetry could keep me warm at night.

I wish I didn’t need people like I usually do.

It would be so great if metaphors talked back,

Or similies could hold deep conversations

During midnight hours,

Till 4am,

When my mind finally agrees to rest.

If words had a chest,

I would lay my head on it,

And use it as a place where I can rest my insecurities.

If I could cry on Word’s broad shoulders…

I would cry away the pain that love has caused me,

I would cry until my heart spills out and lands up on its sleeve.

I wouldn’t have to worry about unanswered calls or unread texts,


Becacuse words truly speak to me.

I know, even when I don’t write in a long time,

My loyalty will never have to be questioned.

Because my love for Words is deeper than human relations,

I have a supernatural connection.

Even in sickness,

I would be restored to life,

Because even when Words aren’t around,

Their presence resignates deeply in me,

That I feel them inside.

♥ Kamiz



Can I kiss you,

To remind you of all the shit you deserve?      

Can our lips find each other,

Whenever we’re lost for words?


Can your mind seduce me onto you, 

Wthout saying a word?  


Does the back of your mind Memorise my moans,     

Like I memorise your every groan?

And if you kiss my neck,

I guarentee you, you will not leave this room unfucked.

But all the shit and wreckless halla’ring

Just left you out of luck,

Because in the darkness-

The truth lurks. 

Your touch takes me back to our first erection,

Now I realised it was our only connection.  

Your “I love you” just a mere representation. 


No strings attached were the colours of our relation.


Only thing deep about about it

Was penetration.

♥ Kamiz