Lonely Man

He was a lonely man.
I could tell by the way he wanted me all to himself.
He held me,
Like he held hope.
But his eyes were wondering somewhere else.

He is stuck.
And I am unable to move.
Both entangled in false hope.
I need him to be somebody.
He is too stuck in depression.
He doesn’t need me.
He needs we.
But we is me.

We don’t vibrate to the same frequency. I’ve learned my way around loneliness.
He hasn’t.
He is trying to use my presence as a crutch to support his unfulfilled yearning.

I was light,
But he still remained in darkness.
In fear of what might lurk.
He placed his love in many hearts,
To fulfil his every need.
Wasn’t afraid of the dark because, Darkness was He.

♥ Kamiz

Lonely Man By Fela Ella

Have you ever met the lonely man?
The man that watches out of his window all day
hoping someone will come and rescue him from
He holds the wildest dreams and yearns for
somebody to share it with, a “Queen”.
So lonely, not just one person can satisfy him.
Who can’t spend a day without every stranger
declaring love for him, and he to them..
With every night spent in another woman’s bed
but craving another.
This man is sweet and charming but toxic even to
The man that cries for all of your attention, and
hers and hers but still craves for more.
Please, If you meet him don’t take his hand, don’t
help him up.. Don’t look into his beautiful eyes.
Have you ever met the loneiy man, that torments
others hearts for his own comfort, I have.


Fela Ella

♥ Kamiz