Forever 21

I recently asked if I was somewhat weird or awkward for being 21 and still ( forever single), and I got the most surprising response which actually warmed my heart. I’d like to share it:

” Nothing wrong with you. 

If anything you are being more careful than most who would rush into a relationship. 

I have some words for you, if you will listen. 

Always, always, always listen to your gut. Even above your heart. If you wait, and are wise, there will come into your life a person who activates your heart AND your gut instincts. This is the person you will pursue, and hopefully marry. He will make you happier than you can imagine. 

Never, ever, ever have sex before marriage. Sex will destroy what foundation you have with him, and gives him your commitment without requiring his. There is nowhere left for him to go with you after sex, which is why you find so many confused women on this very site, wondering why a man has ceased all contact after they have sex with him. 

Be wise, be patient, and above all, work on yourself. Work on your heart. 

Learn to be vulnerable. Learn to be feminine-and LOVE being it. There is little more a delight to a man than a woman who loves being a woman, and loves being HIS woman. You would be a blessing that cannot be bought with money, gold, or diamonds, and would be worth far more than all of those things”


Cock Tease

I sit here and wonder why I am still single
I mean,
I’m a hopeless romantic,
With a slightly dirty mind,
Reasonably high standards,


I’m still single.

Okay so, I recently went on a date,
And between the Mixed Berry Mojito and Nachos
My date managed to slip in a “Non-Offensive” comment which I almost chocked on actually,
‘Til I spat it out and chewed on it later that evening.

I could say a lot of things,
But in short, he called me a Cock Tease,
at that moment….
A part of me believed that I was.

Now according to the Urban Dictionary,

A Cock Tease means:

” a girl that leads a guy to believe that she’s going to have sex with him, then doesn’t.” 

But because I thirst for knowledge,
I continued reading…

Words like tease, slut, whore, skank, and tramp along…

No see, I really do not agree with those.

I am sitting trying to understand how not having sex with a guy automatically qualifies you to be a slut or whore.
But that’s a topic for another day.

Growning up,
I always found it rude when females would dismiss males,
Before they could even conclude their introduction.

I always wondered why they’d assume every guy wanted to get in their pants, before the poor guys could even state their intention.

See, when given a chance to do so,
Some males choke up in their “star struck” phase and aren’t even able to tell you their first name.
Others display a thousand reasons why we refer to males as dogs, or prove that wolves truly do come I sheep skin.
And others, well lets say, mom’s would be proud.

Now when a girl or woman is fully aware of the power she possess,
Whether it be in her face, her head, her curves, under her skirt or the way she flips her hair.
She will somehow take advantage of it.
Where it’s a mechanism to boost her self confidence that many believe she may already possess.
Or she’ll use her body and sexual organs to obtain materialistic things.

I get it, I’m a lil off topic
Let me just draw this closer to home…

Back to me,
Kamiz, the Cock Tease.
it doesn’t even rhyme…


I cannot help but think of all the times my “friendliness” had been taken out of context,
and occasionally gotten me into trouble.

See, when you engage some guys with a perfectly normal conversation, they tend to believe that you may interested, and that’s because many females barely do this.

From this, I found myself in many awkward situations, and telling guys off isn’t one of my strongest traits.

Now see,
I’ve always been taught to see the best in people…
Being Kind
Being loving
And compassionate.

So in many cases, I find myself unintentionally stringing a lot guys on.
And on good days my solar powered confidence my be perceived as sexiness.

I’ll admit,
Growning up, I wasn’t the most confident of beings
If anything, I found my confidence last year, in the mist of my independence.
And before then,
I’ll admit,
My confidence was powered by the heat of the passion ignited by the attention I’d receive from males at the verge of splitting my legs like Moses did the red sea, and just when feel I had received enough affirmation, I’d stop.
Yes this is the type of behaviour portrayed by a cock tease.

But now, I could really care less, because in the mist of pure, innocent confidence self love is a crucial factor.
I am no longer in pursuit of validation or affirmation.

I refuse to take responsibility for males reading my friendliness as an invitation of interest to engage in any form of sexual activity.

My Verdict:

I am Not A Cock Tease!