Because I am just a moon
And among you,
Are many stars
Shinning far brighter than I ever could

In the midst of the brightest one
I fall
And stay away
Until she leaves again

Then I creep up with Rest…

She even shines her light on me.
What I did I do to deserve such grace,
Because all I bring is darkness
But yet she still awaits..

I do nothing
But wade across the sky
And very frequently
I collide with her-
Once in a life time for some.

I am darkness
And in that very darkness,
I am
A resting place.
A hiding place.
A place of hope.
A place for peace.


O and how she never forgets to wake up
No matter how violent the clouds and wind choose to be.

When it’s not her time
She gracefully steps aside and still offers her light.

She sees our dark souls
Fully aware of all the foul things we do to our fellow beings and her friend mother nature
But not once has she denied us her light.