O and how she never forgets to wake up
No matter how violent the clouds and wind choose to be.

When it’s not her time
She gracefully steps aside and still offers her light.

She sees our dark souls
Fully aware of all the foul things we do to our fellow beings and her friend mother nature
But not once has she denied us her light.

I am not desperate for love

I am not desperate for love,
I just want unconditional love to find me.

And until such a time
I won’t be in pursuit of lust or infatuation to merely pass time

I will give, me
All of me
And be engulfed in my Lord’s presence,
And the presence of the woman he has destined me to be.

Thank You Mommy. . .

Thank you for the million hugs & kisses
Including those stored up in jars, for days when I really miss you.    

Thank you for your purest form of love, which is kind, endless, unconditional, honest, real and gives me power to keep going.                                        
Thank you for supporting me, with all my goals, dreams and sticking with me even when I fail to stick with some things.

I thank God for realizing how much I need you, and sparing your life on numerous occasions.

Thank you for not only giving me life, but for introducing me to God, who has given me everlasting life.

Thank you for being my pillar of strength by complimenting my weakness. Thank you for believing in me, when I believed, believing in myself was not an option.

Thank you for putting me in my place, when I really got out of line.

Thank you for instilling morals and values which my very own peers lack.

Thank you for teaching me that there’s beauty in timing, and I that there are more important things to gain in life, when taking it in much slowly.

Thank you for showing me that my failure isn’t really failure, but rather, a greater foundation of success and Gods way of saying “I have greater plans”.

Thank you for teaching me that the value of money is not a measure of status, wealth or worth, but rather a mere medium of exchange.

I thank you for ensuring that every single night and morning, my stomach has never growled or suffed hunger pains.                           
Thank you for being the epitome of a stong woman, and showing me the true meaning of standing a alone.

I am thankful of you because I’m not a statistic of teenage pregnancy, and I promise you that this day, will only be yours, until I too, am ready to be a mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to My Very Own Mother & Those Phenomenal Women Around The World


My Mommy ♡

♥ Kamiz